Previous parents comments

Two of my children have attended ABC Montessori with Teresa and Sharon, and I couldn't have asked for a better place for their early education to take place. It is a very warm and nurturing environment and the teachers are very thoughtful and try their best to adapt to each child's individual
needs. They particularly have been fantastic with my daughter who has spent three years with them and they have provided her with challenge and opportunities  to learn and grow throughout this time.
My daughter is starting school in September; full of happiness, a boundless
fascination about the world that surrounds her and an endless curiosity and
enthusiasm for discovering it. Thank you!

As a parent of 3, my childrens' education -especially from an early age is of greatest importance to me. During my childs' time in Abc Montessori he acquired a wide range of skills; from cutting to painting, basic literacy and numeracy exercises and of course social skills that we use in everyday life. From the very first moment that he stepped into the classroom , Teresa and Sharon provided him with the support he needed to grow and develop, whilst still keeping the element of fun constant!. Very quickly our son appreared to be more mannerly, inquisitive and positive overall- much of the is due to the care and attention he received at Abcs'.

We would like to thank Abc for everything that they have done to help our little man to become his own person and for giving him the edge he needed for starting "Big School". Thank you to all at Abc.

Sue Fleming.

As a mother and montessori teacher, I feel that the opportunity to learn and play in the formative years of a child's life is invaluable. My daughter( almost seven) was given this wonderful experience in Abc Montessori. in her two years there, she gained so much in terms of pre-reading skills, mathematical concepts and confidence. The transition from montessori school to junior infants went extremely well because of this. My younger daughter (age four) is currently in her second year at Abc Montessori. She enjoys art and a range of progressive activities from cultural awareness to sensorial experiences. She still talks about " tasting food with chopsticks at school !". Above all, my children have had lots of fun and will reap the benefits of the warmth and kindess showed to them by Teresa and Sharon.

Regina Finn

As parents of 3 children we cannot recommend ABC Montessori highly enough. Our two eldest children Lauren & Dylan have attended ABC Montessori and we hope for our youngest Leah also to follow in their footsteps. Both of them have had an excellent experience! They loved going to Montessori, learning lots of new things through fun activities. I can truly say that them following the montessori programme has had a positive impact on their learning ability and ultimately set the foundation for their easy transition into primary school. The teachers Teresa & Sharon are friendly, caring and kind and have a lot of time for each of the children. As a parent you are guaranteed your little angel is being well cared for. Even after them moving on to primary school we still get enquiries as to how they are getting on, a very nice personal touch!

Every child should have the opportunity to experience the excellence of ABC Montessori!     A big thank you to all!

Parents - Paula & Brian Myles

Our three children have attended Abc Montessori over a 6 year period. Each one of them enjoyed their time with Teresa and Sharon, they have gained valuable skills during their time at Abc which helped them integrate into Junior Infants in National School. They learned about themselves, their friends, the solar system and about their environment, these subjects encouraged them to explore new areas and ideas, sometimes bringing very funny discussions into their home life !. Our children loved to plant seeds and vegtables and see them grow !.Abc has always provided a safe and nurturing learning environmnet . Each of our children flourished under the guidance of Teresa and Sharon.

Fiona Munro